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You can create any block by calling the method new with the corresponding block type - text, image, etc. - of the new block.
new [block-type] with [ID]
The following arguments are optional and belong to the [ID] parameter:
  • Text argument - the value of the default property of each block type.
Example of creating a block embed with a text argument specifying the url:
new "embed" with "https://docs.fermat.ws"
  • Dictionary argument - each block type may have more than these common properties which can be added as well:
    • position ← list: x and y coordinates.
    • permalink-edit ← boolean: true if content is editable in permalink view, otherwise, false.
    • size ← list: width and height in pixels.
Example of creating a block text with a dictionary argument specifying the content "Hello World" and position [100, 200]:
new "text" with {
"position" to [100,200]
"value" to "Hello World!"
Please, inspect blocks in Fermat or see block types for a detailed list of non-common properties (e.g. source in block-image).