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Using AI agents

Augment your workflow.
Once you create a new session, you can import your content and start using AI agents. we will have the opportunity to use these agents through two ways:

1. Use AI commands

An AI companion straight into the search bar to explain a concept, come up with 10 different ideas or draw a thought. Allow yourself to explore more ideas and make your creative session playful.
  • When you want to work with text, just select the text you want to act on and write any command in the command bar. Fermat will also suggest some ideas like "explain this concept in one sentence", "cope up with 10 followup ideas", and much more.
  • For creating images, select anything you want in your prompt and tell Fermat you want an image.
Introducing AI commands
How AI commands work?
1.- Select a single or a group of blocks - e.g. text, sticky note or image - from the canvas.
Selecting a sticky note
Write an AI command on the search bar - e.g. get a one line summary or redraw this in the style of Dalí - for the selected blocks.
Writing an AI command "create ideas that are helpful"

2. Downloading as a tool

If you want to know how to download tools, press link. For the other hand, if you download a tool and you want to understand how to interact with buttons that have AI, press link