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Downloading tools

Tools are superpowers that live within your sessions
To download a tool or template from the toolbox you may get to them by clicking the search bar at the middle top of the screen.
Toolbox search bar
Once in the toolbox, you may search for what you want to do - e.g. describe an image. You can difference between a template and a tool thanks to the tag that appears at the left top corner of each card.
Search a tool / template
By hovering on each tool/ template + pressing the apply button, you download it into your current session or you can choose to download it in a new session.
Download a tool / template
If you want to learn more about each tool, simply click the see details button. This section describes the functionality of the tool extensively.
Explore more about a tool / template
You can also save your favourite tools & templates in your personal toolbox.
Send tools / templates to personal toolbox
Start exploring all the tools and templates or build your own ones.